Will the city or county animal services help me with a rodent issue?

We’ve all faced rodent infestation, haven’t we? That might be an overstatement; there are always exceptions. Well, let me tell you exceptional people that you are indeed very lucky. You might have heard how annoying rodent infestations are. Know this; they are a hundred times worse. Rodents are in the top of the most destructive and irritating pest list. They chew holes in the walls of the house to get around, poop everywhere, spread a lot of diseases, and much more. So, you just found out that you have a rodent infestation in your house. But you are not sure what to do. Ask the city or county animal services for help, hire a pro or handle it yourself?

Will they help?

If you are looking for the city or county animal services for help, you are out of luck. They don’t manage pest situations. Even if you managed to get them on your case, they wouldn’t be very effective. These individuals are only qualified to handle pet animal cases. Rats are common animals throughout the world, let alone America. For this reason, the government doesn’t bother with them. If they did an army of exterminator or trappers would be needed to take care of these little pests.

When do they help?

However, if your problem consists of a public place like a park, or a government-owned place, like a monument or a museum getting infested, they will immediately rush to help. Although you should remember that the above are only exceptional cases. And being exceptional they rarely happen. Another case if an extreme kind. If you can identify and prove that some rodents in your neighbourhood or property are indeed a great health risk to the surroundings, like rabies. The animal service will close off the area, and bring down the animal. Other than that, even if multiple houses in your area call for help, they won’t come.

I’ll do it myself

So, your best bet should be to hire a pro, right? Not exactly. A lot of people think of this as nothing but extra expense. They argue that if the pros are also going to trap and relocate the animals, why don’t we do it within half the budget. It needs to be understood that rat removal is not child’s play and if don’t have any previous experience or know the way. It can get very hard. But if you do know how, that is another story entirely, got and get rid of those rodents.

Hire a pro?

Hiring a professional to do your work for you is a win-win situation. You can ready they payment and relax. They are an almost guarantee that the rodents infesting your property will be removed. They already have the needed equipment, knowledge and the experience. These people deal with a situation like yours on a daily basis. So you can trust them.

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